Semi-Custom Homes

KF Walter Homes features intimate new home communities in various desirable locations throughout Chicagoland.  These communities feature an inventory of “ready to build” plans to which our clients make custom changes.  This plan inventory includes “forward thinking” house plans that do away with tired old designs and provide layouts that recognize current lifestyles.  And with a strong list of luxury standard features, you can anticipate a new home that meets your interior design expectations.

When you build in one of these communities, you enjoy the benefits of choosing an existing plan combined with customization of the home.   This accelerates the construction critical path and gets you into your new home more quickly.  Another key element that helps shorten the timeline…no construction financing is needed!  KFW provides the lot, plans, and financing for you so you can enjoy the “custom” home building process on a more efficient scale.

Each KF Walter Homes community has distinct characteristics…ask us for more details about the semi-custom home community that most interests you.

Custom Homes

100% personalized custom construction is also available to you. Whether you have a piece of property in hand or in mind, we can take you through the process of conceiving, designing, and building your custom home.  Our relationships with award winning residential architects affords you choices in who will best bring your dream to life.  Once it is put to paper, KF Walter Homes will take it from there and make it a reality.

Here are some of the steps along the way:



  • Project Cost Estimating
  • Permits
  • Determination of rough costs from preliminary design through completion
  • Pre-design collaboration with utility companies
  • Cabinet designs and drawings
  • Collaboration with local and state governing agencies for permits 
  • Project schedule estimates and critical path modeling


  • Construction progress meetings
  • Cost control
  • Lien Releases
  • Timelines for scheduling
  • Construction loan coordination

Post Construction

  • Assist client in preparing routine maintenance program
  • As-built plans

Other Construction Services

KFW can work with you to build your custom home to your specifications.  We offer a variety of services to fit your process:

  • Fee-Based General Construction Management
  • Home site Acquisition and Search Assistance
  • Home site Inventory
  • Architectural Partnerships
  • Construction Financing Options

There are many ways to assemble a program to build your new custom home. 

Schedule a meeting to see if our services meet your needs.